• Blue storage

    Are you looking for a secure outside area, at which to store your boat or RV?

    Be sure to check out our Champion brand modular homes!


Looking for a secure, fenced, and reputable outside storage area, for your boat?

Are you having trouble finding a secure place to store your boat, in the off -season? Our secured, fenced property, devoted to boat and RV storage is the ideal location for your vessel.

Either a short or long term lease will fit your needs perfectly.

How about a secure place to park your RV, when you’re too busy to travel!

You’ll find plenty of safe area for your RV, at Brier’s. The owners live on a premise, which offers you even further assurance of security. You’ll find their nearly 30 years of experience in this location, additionally reassuring.

You can have sort term or long term storage at affordable prices.

modular house

Ask us what it would be like, to have your own modular home. We think you'll love the answer.

Invest in a retirement home that is affordable. Look into owning a manufactured home that you can customize.

Consider a vacation home, which gives you a place to relax, in your favorite part of the country. Modular homes can give you all of this, and more.

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